Sunday, April 8, 2012

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Thiruvasagam (Sivapuranam) - Sulamangalam Sisters

Sivapuranam, composed and written by Thriu. Manickavasaga Nayanaar.
I love Sivapuranam and one of my favorite in Thiruvasagam. The size of mp3 is approximately 50 megabyte and also added a hymn for preview.

Thiruvasagam (சிவபுராணம்)
Aalaya Vazhipadu - Tiruvachagam [Preview]
Aalaya Vazhipadu - Tiruvachagam [Full]
Sivapuranam - Nama Shivaya Vazhga(நம சிவாய வாழ்க)

Thank you downloading Sivapuram.
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Watch out for more Saivam songs.

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